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Configuration Analysis and Design by Using Optimization Tools in Mathematica
Frank J. Kampas
János D. Pintér


The development of MathOptimizer (by the second author) has profited significantly from the quality software, literature, and advice provided by Wolfram Research staff in recent years, and from a project funded in part by Defence R&D Canada under Contract W7707-01-0746/001/HAL.

János Pintér also wishes to thank Christopher J. Purcell (DRDC Atlantic Region, Dartmouth, NS) for many useful comments related to the development of MathOptimizer. Pintér's research has also been partially supported by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC IRAP Project 362093) and by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA Grant T 034350).

We also wish to thank Mark Sofroniou at Wolfram Research, Inc. for his kind permission to use and customize the Format.m Mathematica package in our MathOptimizer Professional development work.

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