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New Products

webMathematica 2.3--Latest Mathematica Performance Enhancements Now Available

webMathematica 2.3 features the 64-bit performance of Mathematica 5.2, capitalizing on increased memory and CPU availability across all major platforms. The new version expands the size and scope of scientific problems that websites can reliably tackle--empowering educators, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts to serve even more robust and innovative content online or throughout any enterprise.

"webMathematica was already the ideal all-in-one solution for putting interesting science online, but now it's much more," said Tom Wickham-Jones, director of kernel technology at Wolfram Research. "We've added the power of true 64-bit computing so developers can build more dynamic sites and their users can experience the next wave of technical computing right through the web."

The new version takes advantage of the latest web development options and performance improvements in Mathematica 5.2, including:

  • 64-bit-enhanced arbitrary-precision numerics
  • Multithreading support for numerical linear algebra
  • Major vectorization speed-ups
  • RSS and vCard import
  • Enhanced charts and visualizations
With webMathematica, computations that can be done in Mathematica can also be done on the web, including the most demanding large-scale problems and simulations. Each task is handled directly on the server, so visitors to a webMathematica site never need any special software or knowledge of Mathematica to access its functionality.

More information is available on the webMathematica website.

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