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Simulating Electrochemical Reactions with Mathematica

Michael J. Honeychurch, 2004, IBNH, 372 pp., paperback, includes CD-ROM

ISBN: 0975180401

Simulating Electrochemical Reactions with Mathematica

Aimed at electrochemical researchers, graduate students, and anyone else who understands or is studying electrochemical fundamentals, this book explains how to use Mathematica to simulate electrochemical problems and obtain analytical solutions.

Solving Partial Differential Equations | Finite Difference Methods | Increasing the Speed and Accuracy of Computations | Other Numerical Methods | Potential Sweep Methods 1: Reversible Reactions | Potential Sweep Methods 2: Non-reversible Reactions | AC Voltammetry | Potential Steps and Potential Pulses | Chronopotentiometry | Electrochemistry of Thin Layers and Thin Films | Electrochemistry of Strongly Adsorbed Molecules | Monte Carlo Simulations | Coupled Chemical Reactions | Rotating Disk Electrode Voltammetry | Finite Difference Simulations using Sparse Arrays | Processing Experimental Data | Taylor Series Expansions | Semiintegration and Fractional Calculus

This book is available in the Wolfram Research bookstore.

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