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MathCode: A System for C++ or Fortran Code Generation from Mathematica
Peter Fritzson
Vadim Engelson
Krishnamurthy Sheshadri

MathCode is a package that translates a subset of Mathematica into a compiled language like Fortran or C++. The chief goal of the design of MathCode is to add extra performance and portability to the symbolic prototyping capabilities offered by Mathematica. This article discusses several important features of MathCode, such as adding type declarations, examples of functions that can be translated, ways to extend the compilable subset, and generating a stand-alone executable, and presents a few application examples.



About the Authors
Peter Fritzson, Ph.D., is Director of research at MathCore Engineering AB. He is also a full professor at Linköping University and Director of the Programming Environment Laboratory (PELAB) at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. He initiated the development of MathCode and the ObjectMath environment, and developed parts of the first version of MathCode. Professor Fritzson is regarded as one of the leading authorities on the subject of object-oriented mathematical modeling languages, and has recently published a book, Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica 2.1, Wiley-IEEE Press. He currently holds positions as Chairman of the Scandinavian Simulation Society, Secretary of EuroSim, and Vice Chairman of the Modelica Association, an organization he helped to establish. Professor Fritzson has published 10 books/proceedings and approximately 170 scientific papers.

Vadim Engelson, Ph.D., is a development engineer at MathCore Engineering AB. He was previously an assistant professor at Linköping University. Dr. Engelson received his Ph.D. in computer science at Linköping University in 2000 for his research in tools for design, interactive simulation, and visualization of object-oriented models in scientific computing. He has participated in several Swedish and European projects. Dr. Engelson is Technical Coordinator of the Scandinavian Simulation Society. He developed most of the MathCode Mathematica to C++ translator and several parts of MathModelica. He is the author of 21 publications.

Krishnamurthy Sheshadri, Ph.D., is a development engineer at Connexios Life Sciences Private Limited. He was previously a post-doctoral student at PELAB, Linköping University, where he used the MathCode system for advanced applications. Work on the project was done when Sheshadri was associated with Modeling and Simulation Research, Bangalore, India and Linköping University.

Peter Fritzson
Vadim Engelson

Mathcore Engineering AB
Teknikringen 1B
SE 583 30 Linköping, Sweden

Krishnamurthy Sheshadri
Connexios Life Sciences Private Limited
49, Shilpa Vidya
First Main Road, J P Nagar 3rd Phase
Bangalor-560 078, India

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