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T R O T T ’ S C O R N E R
Michael Trott

What Next?

With an NSF grant for digital libraries (see, the Functions website will see two big enhancements in the next two years.

  • With more than 54,000 formulas, finding the right one will not always be easy. So a natural extension is a mathematical search engine.
  • “A graph is worth a thousand formulas.” A natural addition will be a graphics gallery showing a variety of visualizations of the mathematical functions of the website.

Here are some previews of some of the graphics to expect on the Functions website.

Figure 1. The function in the complex z-plane near the real axis.

Figure 2. The image of a square grid of size under the map .

Figure 3. Integral curves of Newton’s equations in the potentials and . The black circle is the unit circle in the ,-plane.

Figure 4. Contour plot of the real part of over the unit disk.

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