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What's New in Mathematica 5
The Mathematica 5 Product Team


With Mathematica 5, Wolfram Research has initiated a marked transformation in the world of technical computing, providing all the capabilities of both a dedicated numerical package and a programming language in one complete numeric and symbolic environment. Mathematica 5 can now do production-scale work in terms of both speed and scalability, without sacrificing any of its broad scope of features. This speed, scope, and scalability make Mathematica 5 a uniquely compelling all-around technical system for institution-wide adoption.

Mathematica 5 is primarily an advanced algorithm release with a large number of newly developed and refined key technologies, including those that make Mathematica’s performance so outstanding. New and improved numerical algorithms and routines allow Mathematica 5 to run as fast as or faster than many dedicated numerical software packages and libraries. Mathematica 5 also includes a completely new numerical differential equation solver and many other algorithmic improvements.

Mathematica 5 further extends Wolfram Research’s position as the leader in providing integration with other software and standards. In addition to an updated version of J/Link and MathLink, Mathematica’s standard connections to Java and C/C++, Mathematica 5 comes with a fully functional technology preview of .NET/Link, a much requested feature that allows developers to seamlessly integrate Mathematica into applications using Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

List of Major Improvements

  • Record-breaking speed through processor-optimized numerical linear algebra
  • Full support for fast sparse linear algebra
  • New-generation, optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Major new algorithms for solving equations and inequalities symbolically over different domains
  • Fully integrated solver for differential algebraic equations
  • High-performance optimization and linear programming including interior-point method
  • More generalized numeric solvers that now accept vector and general array variables
  • Industry-leading solver for recurrence equations
  • Broader support for assumptions in symbolic computation
  • Included .NET/Link, providing full integration with Microsoft’s .NET Framework
  • Flexible import and export of DICOM, PNG, SVG, and sparse matrix formats
  • Optimized versions for 64-bit hardware and operating systems
  • New quick-start interactive tutorial

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