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Mathematica for the Classroom

Mathematica for the Classroom is a special edition of Mathematica for precollege and community college classrooms and computer labs. It gives you the same power and functionality as professional Mathematica at an exclusive low price for the precollege level.

Schools around the world are using Mathematica to teach algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, economics, computer science, and many other courses. Students who use Mathematica have a head start on getting familiar with tools that will improve their performance in university classes and in their careers. Don't let your students get left behind.

When you provide Mathematica for the Classroom, your students will have the tools they need to investigate and explore technical subjects. For example, future engineers can model the real world, future scientists can simulate physical and social systems, future mathematicians can conjecture and prove theorems, and future programmers can create effective and efficient pieces of code. In short, Mathematica for the Classroom promotes learning experiences that textbooks cannot.

The Mathematica notebook file format is useful for creating platform-independent documents that can be shared among students, teachers, and colleagues. When used in a computer lab or with an overhead projector, notebooks work great for presenting tutorials, lectures, and demonstrations. Since notebooks display traditional mathematical notation, they are perfect for composing handouts, tests, and assignments that can be either printed or distributed, completed, and returned electronically.

Mathematica for the Classroom helps you to visually reinforce important concepts with full-color graphics and interactive exercises created with palettes (sets of buttons that correspond to Mathematica commands). Palettes are the intuitive way to create documents and tutorials for your students. You can customize as many palettes as you need to organize the features that you use the most.

Mathematica for the Classroom is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. There is also a fully localized Japanese edition. To purchase your copy, or to find out more about volume discounts and special purchase programs for your precollege lab, please contact one of our sales representatives or your local reseller.

More information is available.

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