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CalcLabs with Mathematica for Stewart's Single Variable Calculus

Selwyn Hollis, 2003, Brooks/Cole, 294 pp., paperback

This manual was written to accompany the fifth edition of James Stewart's Calculus, which is used widely in calculus courses. The goals of the manual are to show students how Mathematica can help them in learning and using calculus, to introduce them to many of Mathematica's capabilities, and to present the central ideas of calculus. Mathematica is used as a learning tool to explore calculus concepts and the way they can be used to solve problems. At the end of the manual are 24 projects covering a wide range of topics that reinforce important calculus concepts and are arranged to correspond to the same material in Stewart's Calculus.

Mathematica Basics | Limits and the Derivative | Applications of the Derivative | Integration | Applications of the Integral | Differential Equations | Parametric and Polar Curves | Sequences and Series | Projects | Appendices

This book is available in the Wolfram Research bookstore.

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