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Modelling Metabolism with Mathematica

Peter J. Mulquiney and Philip W. Kuchel, 2003, CRC Press, 309 pp., hardcover

This book presents the approaches, methods, tools, and algorithms for modelling the chemical dynamics of metabolic pathways. Included are an introduction to the basic procedures for representing metabolic systems as arrays of differential equations as well as an explanation of the necessary Mathematica procedures for numerically solving these differential equations. Mathematica is also used to dynamically simulate simple, intermediate, and complex systems in enzyme kinetics. The book enables its readers to formulate their own models of time-dependent metabolic systems and aids them in the quest for relevant discoveries that remain to be made.

Introduction to Chemical Kinetics and Numerical Integration | Elements of Enzyme Kinetics | Basic Procedures for Simulating Metabolic Systems | Advanced Simulation of Metabolic Pathways | Metabolic Control Analysis | Parameter Estimation | Model of Erythrocyte Metabolism | Metabolic Control Analysis of Human Erythrocyte Metabolism | Appendices

This book is available in the Wolfram Research bookstore.

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