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Updating a Geographic Database

A Rubber-Sheet Adjustment Algorithm

Leendert van Gastel
Harry Uitermark

A rubber-sheet algorithm for warping is used to update a geographic database without altering points that are already known in the database. Mathematica allows a quick experimental validation of the theory and of existing FORTRAN legacy code.






  *Rubber-Sheet Adjustment

  *The Similarity Transformation

  *The Covariance Matrix

  *Mathematical Background



  *Another Basis

  *Visualizing Results



About the Authors
Leendert van Gastel is a consultant specializing in the use of ICT in science and mathematics. He has been working with Mathematica since 1992, both in applied research and training.

Harry Uitermark is a GIS consultant. Currently his research interests include geographic information, ontologies, and XML Schema, a web standard for describing the structure and semantics of XML documents.

Harry Uitermark
Kadaster, Box 9046
Apeldoorn 7300 GH, The Netherlands

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