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Integral Equations
Stan Richardson

We show how Mathematica can be used to obtain numerical solutions of integral equations by exploiting a combination of iteration and interpolation. The efficacy of the method is demonstrated by considering three classical integral equations of applied mathematics: Love's equation for the condenser problem, Theodorsen's equation associated with conformal mapping, and Nekrasov's equation arising in the theory of water waves. The success of the approach depends on the use of an appropriate method for the interpolation.




  *Introductory Example

  *The Condenser Problem

  *Conformal Mapping

  *Nekrasov's Equation

  *Concluding Remarks


About the Author
Stan Richardson received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 1968 and has been at Edinburgh since 1971. His principal research interest is in free boundary problems, particularly those arising in fluid mechanics, the approach being essentially analytic using methods based on conformal mapping and complex variable theory.

Stan Richardson
School of Mathematics
University of Edinburgh
James Clerk Maxwell Building
The King
's Buildings
Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ

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