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WaveX: Extracting Wavelets from Seismic Data
John M. Novak

Mathematica is a powerful tool for the analysis and manipulation of data. It can be used to provide a competitive edge in many commercial endeavors, including the field of petroleum exploration. One of the many tools created in Mathematica by GMG/AXIS for internal use is WaveX, a tool for extracting relative wavelets from seismic data based on well log information. Here we demonstrate some of the uses of the tool and discuss how Mathematica allowed us to create a superior tool.




*The Problem

*The Solution

*Detailed Issues


About the Author
John M. Novak developed a number of Mathematica's standard add-on packages and applications for Wolfram Research, Inc. He now works for the AXIS Imaging Division of the seismic data processing company GX Technology (a subsidiary of Input/Output, Inc.), helping to spread the use of Mathematica to new arenas.

John M. Novak
GX Technology Corporation
225 E. 16th Ave. Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80203

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