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In and Out
Edited by Paul Abbott


Q: I am using the following code to automatically close my graphics groups.

The problem is that when I only generate a single cell, OpenCloseGroup will generate a beep. How can I prevent that beep or test if GeneratedCell selected a single cell or several cells?

A: John Fultz ( answers: You can test if multiple cells have been selected using

If the length is greater than 1, then you can use the OpenCloseGroup token.

CellInformation is new to version 5 and is, in general, a very good way to test various properties of the selection without having to do a NotebookRead (which could get very expensive if you have a selection that consumes a lot of memory). CellInformation takes a notebook argument and returns a list of lists, one for each cell in the selection (only one if you have only selected a single cell or the content of a cell). Each list contains rules along with information about the object that is selected (similar to the way NotebookInformation works).

  • The first argument of CellInformation must be a NotebookObject.
  • The rules currently returned are as follows.

Of course, since this is part of the undocumented packet interface, we reserve the right to make changes to it. I hope to see this or something like it promoted to a documented function similar to NotebookInformation in the future.

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