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T R O T T ' S C O R N E R
Michael Trott


The Wolfram Functions site contains a large body of mathematical knowledge that can be read and understood by both humans and computers. Because we can give semantic meaning to a typeset formula within Mathematica, it is possible to build a truly semantic search engine as a Mathematica program running through a webMathematica interface for the world of special functions, a self-contained part of mathematics.

Most people use the identities of the Wolfram Functions site to do Mathematica calculations. As a result, further plans include the possibility of running the search from Mathematica through web services and returning the identities found as immediately usable rules (with head RuleDelayed instead of Equal). We will also soon add introductory text for many functions and function groups, and we will begin adding tables of zeros and related tabular data.

Any comments about functionality or additions to the identity collection of the Wolfram Functions site are always welcome.

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