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New Products

Upgraded with New Mathematica Features

The new webMathematica 2.2 from Wolfram Research capitalizes on the strengths of Mathematica 5.1 to provide expanded web-development options. Building on Mathematica 5.1's many new capabilities, especially for working with large-scale, diverse types of data, webMathematica increases its advantage as the leading all-in-one solution for creating powerful interactive websites for research, business, and education.

There are more than 50 new functions, toolkits, and performance improvements in Mathematica 5.1. Highlights of special interest for use with webMathematica 2.2 include:

  • Built-in universal database connectivity
  • Industrial-strength string manipulation
  • Integrated web services support
  • Authoring system preview
  • Highly optimized binary data I/O
  • Support for new 64-bit architectures
  • Additional graphic, web, and matrix import-export formats

With these features, webMathematica 2.2 opens the door to new kinds of application development on a wider range of platforms. Industrial-strength string manipulation makes webMathematica a good fit for data mining and bioinformatics applications, while support for web services makes it easy for users to harness financial, environmental, language translation, and other information resources. "There are endless possibilities with web services linked with a webMathematica interface," said Chris Williamson, developer of web technologies at Wolfram Research.

DatabaseLink provides a ready-made solution for integrating webMathematica with any standard SQL database. This makes webMathematica an ideal web-based environment for analysis, computation, and reporting--which complements the storage and searching capabilities of databases. "There is increasing demand for web-accessible databases," said Williamson. "webMathematica enables delivery of sophisticated, data-driven applications and analysis tools that make corporate data accessible at any time and from anywhere."

webMathematica continues to answer the problem of how to create and distribute technical computing application solutions in today's networked environment. Built on platform-independent standards such as HTML, Java, and Java Servlet technology, webMathematica 2.2 seamlessly integrates the advances of Mathematica 5.1 into virtually any infrastructure.

More information is available from the webMathematica site.

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