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Basic Theory of Exploration Seismology [with Mathematica]

John K. Costain and Cahit Çoruh, 2004, Elsevier, 571 pp., hardcover, includes CD-ROM

ISBN: 0080370195

Basic Theory of Exploration Seismology [with Mathematica]

This volume provides the basic theory and principles behind imaging the subsurface of the Earth using reflection and refraction seismology, how to improve these images via data processing, and how to understand reflection seismology data sets. It is of particular interest for geologist and geophysicist students and professionals.

The authors draw on their own copious experience and data to provide real-world results and illustrations of seismic images. The accompanying CD-ROM includes complete Mathematica programs, movies, and plot statements to let readers explore and extend the examples.

Introduction | Groundwork | Fourier Transforms | Computational Considerations | Synthetics and Velocity Functions | Traveltime Curves and Velocity | Seismic Source Wavelets | Wavelet Shaping and Deconvolution

This book is available in the Wolfram Research bookstore.

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