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The Wolfram Technology Guide
The Wolfram Technology Guide reveals the technology inside Mathematica that makes it such a unique and powerful technical computing system. The easily navigated interactive interface provides essential overviews of many key technologies, complete with visual illustrations and animated examples. Links on each page lead to related Mathematica features and helpful documentation elsewhere on the Wolfram Research website. Explore the guide at

Wolfram Technology Conference 2005 Proceedings
The 2005 Wolfram Technology Conference offered nearly 100 presentations, classes, and workshops on Wolfram technologies and their applications. Notebooks of these presentations are now available online at

Mathematica Shortcuts
A printable reference sheet of all Mathematica 5.2 keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix is now available in PDF format. Download this handy resource from

WolframTones is an innovative online music and ringtone generator built on core discoveries from Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science. It features a fully interactive user interface that lets anyone instantly compose original music based on abstract cellular automata patterns and then download it to their cellular phones. Compositions can be enhanced by adding instruments and percussion, adjusting scales and tempo, and selecting from a wide variety of musical styles. Create your unique tones at

Scientific Visualization and Graphics with Mathematica
A new website, Scientific Visualization and Graphics with Mathematica, showcases practical 2D and 3D graphics and animations. In addition to being a home for these often artful images, it is a site for learning the basics of Mathematica visualization and how to use those methods for individual applications. Each graphic or animation is accompanied by its Mathematica notebook, so visitors can see all the code and learn how to create similar visualizations on their own. Browse this site at

Mathematica in Education and Research
Volume 10, Number 4 of Mathematica in Education and Research (MiER) is now online. The new issue has articles on front-end programming, Sudoku puzzle solving, mathematical graphics, and more.

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