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New Products

Mathematica Personal Grid Edition
Mathematica Personal Grid Edition eliminates the barriers to using parallelism as part of your daily workflow and opens the door to new possibilities in high-performance computing.

gridMathematica 2.1
gridMathematica has been updated for high-performance computing with Mathematica 5.2, the 64-bit and multicore release that vastly increases memory and CPU availability.

Mathematica CalcCenter for Students: Semester and Annual Editions
Mathematica CalcCenter gives students the same core Mathematica technology used every day by science and technology leaders around the world, now for as little as half the price of an average textbook.

Mathematica Applications

Digital Image Processing 2
Digital Image Processing 2 introduces over 60 new functions, options, and major modules for fast and powerful image processing on the desktop. The package integrates with Mathematica to automate custom analyses, run routine procedures, and develop new algorithms.

Geometrica05 extends Mathematica's symbolic engine to a wide range of geometrical analysis, exact drawing, and CAD applications.

Global Optimization 5.1
Global Optimization is now five times faster at global nonlinear optimization with Mathematica and can solve problems with over 10,000 variables. Any Mathematica function can be used as input, including the degree of fit of a model against data, black-box functions, and simulation models.

The new LinkageDesigner package is a time-saving engineering solution for analyzing, synthesizing, and simulating linkages with serial chain, tree, and graph structures. It simplifies the machine design process, allowing engineers to perform more extensive analyses than possible with other software.

machine learning framework 1.3
machine learning framework 1.3 includes a whole new range of functions for real-life data-mining projects. It is a complete solution for business and financial engineers, process and manufacturing engineers, quality-assurance professionals, and all experts who want to extract computational models from data.

MathGL3d is an interactive, OpenGL-based 3D-graphics package for advanced scientific visualization with Mathematica. It allows real-time interaction with Mathematica graphics, using features such as rotation, animation, visual viewpoint, and light-source editing.

MechanicalSystems 2
MechanicalSystems 2 speeds up prototyping and simulation tasks for complex models of rigid body systems. Over forty 2D and 3D geometric constraints enable users to instantly visualize changes. New documentation fully integrates into the searchable Mathematica Help Browser.

PathwayLab Research Edition
PathwayLab Research Edition is a new in silico systems biology application for modeling and analyzing biochemical pathways and networks. It leverages the capabilities of Mathematica to help predict disease pathways and reduce the need for physical experiments.

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 2.2 significantly boosts speed without sacrificing precision for financial derivatives analysis.

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