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The Mathematica GuideBook for Symbolics

Michael Trott, 2006, Springer-Verlag, 1453 pp., hardcover, includes DVD-ROM

ISBN: 0387950206

The Mathematica GuideBook for Symbolics

Structural and mathematical operations on single and systems of polynomials are fundamental to many symbolic calculations, and they are covered here in considerable detail. The solution of equations and differential equations, as well as the classical calculus operations (differentiation, integration, summation, series expansion, limits) are exhaustively treated. Generalized functions and their uses are discussed. In addition, this volume discusses and employs the classical orthogonal polynomials and special functions of mathematical physics. To demonstrate the symbolic mathematics power, a large variety of problems from mathematics and physics are presented.

Symbolic Computations | Classical Orthogonal Polynomials | Classical Special Functions

This book is available in the Wolfram Research bookstore.

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