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Individual-Based Models of the Spread of Disease, Weeds, and Insects
Art Diggle
Moin Salam
Marta Monjardino


[1] A. J. Diggle, M. U. Salam, G. J. Thomas, H. A. Yang, M. O'Connell, and M. W. Sweetingham, "AnthracnoseTracer: A Spatiotemporal Model for Simulating the Spread of Anthracnose in a Lupin Field," Phytopathology, 92(10), 2002 pp. 1110-1121.

[2] M. W. Shaw, "Simulating Dispersal of Fungi Spores by Wind, and Resulting Patterns," in Modelling in Applied Biology: Spatial Aspects (46) (E. White, G. Russell, J. Benjamin, M. Mugglestone, P. Brain, and P. Hamer, eds.), Wellesbourne, Warwick, England: The Association of Applied Biologists, 1996 pp. 165-172.

[3] X. M. Xu and M. S. Ridout, "Effects of Initial Epidemic Conditions, Sporulation Rate, and Spore Dispersal Gradient on the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Plant Disease Epidemics," Phytopathology, 88(10), 1998 pp. 1000-1012.

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