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Volume 10, Issue 2

You can download the notebooks in this issue of The Mathematica Journal as a .zip file.

Download (9.2 MB)

Once you have unzipped the file, you will have a directory that includes the following notebooks.

  • TMJv10i2-contents.nb--Table of Contents
  • Inout10-2.nb---In and Out Edited by Paul Abbott
  • Corner10-2.nb---Finding Trott Constants by Michael Trott
  • RippleEffect.nb---Ripple Effect by Ed Pegg Jr.
  • Editors.nb---Editor's Introduction by Paul Abbott
  • future_of_computation.nb---The Future of Computation by Stephen Wolfram
  • BoardGames.nb---Exploring Board Game Strategies by Yves Papegay
  • QuantumDots.nb---Electronic Structure of Multi-Electron Quantum Dots by Ranga D. Muhandiramge and Jingbo Wang
  • ModelsOfSpread.nb---Individual-Based Models of the Spread of Disease, Weeds, and Insects by Art Diggle, Moin Salam, and Marta Monjardino
  • DitherRemoval.nb---Dither Removal by Bart M. ter Haar Romeny

Additional Material files not included:

  • SACI.m--(60 KB) Electronic Structure of Multi-Electron Quantum Dots by Ranga D. Muhandiramge and Jingbo Wang
  • AdditionalConstants.nb--(144 KB) Trott's Corner by Michael Trott

Text sections of The Mathematica Journal (letters, news, etc.) are not included in the download.

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