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Wolfram Education Group Offers Free Online Seminars
Wolfram Education Group (WEG) recently introduced a series of free, hour-long online seminars for anyone interested in learning more about Mathematica. The first offering, taught live by a senior WEG instructor, provides a complete, interactive overview of Mathematica's major technologies. Future seminars may offer more focused training on specific Mathematica applications and technologies. For more information, go to

Mathematica Earns Top Honors for High-Precision Arithmetic
Wolfram Research cemented its position as the leader in the field of high-precision arithmetic with a first-place finish in the More Digits Friendly Competition during the recent 7th Conference on Real Numbers and Computers. The Wolfram team, using Mathematica as its computing package, was the only team to answer each problem, the only team with all problems answered correctly, and the fastest team overall--finishing all 32 problems in less than three minutes. For more information, go to

Top Intel ISEF Students Take Home Mathematica
Nearly 1500 of the world's most talented high school science students recently competed at the 2006 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), where each first-place category winner was awarded a copy of Mathematica 5.2. Many had already incorporated Mathematica into their research, using it at their local high schools and colleges on their way to earning a place at the prestigious ISEF finals. For more information, go to

Wolfram Research Staff Consults for NUMB3RS TV Series
Writers for the widely popular CBS TV series NUMB3RS are now working with senior Wolfram Research staff members Ed Pegg Jr, Michael Trott, and Eric Weisstein to develop and authenticate the math used in each episode. The team consulted regularly during the show's second season and will appear in the credits for the new season this fall. For more information, go to

New Trial Program Supports Growing Mathematica Use in China
Wolfram Research is providing complimentary save-enabled copies of Mathematica 5.2 to students, academics, and professionals in China to use for up to 60 days. The unique trial program complements the recently completed Wolfram Research Tour of China lectures, where thousands of attendees received a rare inside look at Mathematica and learned how to incorporate it into their daily workflows. For more information, go to

PathwayLab for Mathematica to Play Role in Future Biotech Advances
PathwayLab Research Edition, an in silico systems biology application package for Mathematica, is the focus of new clinical strategies for understanding complex systems. Its role in charting major advances in biology and medicine is discussed in Scientific Computing World. For more information, go to

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