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  Seventh International Mathematica Symposium

Articles in this issue are selected from the proceedings of the Seventh International Mathematica Symposium (Perth, Western Australia, August 5-8, 2005). Issue 10:2 contained other articles from IMS 2005.

Feature Articles

Making MathWorld
Eric W. Weisstein

Pricing European and Discretely Monitored Exotic Options under the Lévy Process Framework
Dale Olivier Roberts
Alexander Novikov

The Network Structure of Supreme Court Jurisprudence
Seth J. Chandler

A Mode-Matching Method for Multichannel Scattering Problems
Peter Falloon

Acoustic Wave Propagator--A Split Region Implementation
Neil Riste
Bradley McGrath
Jingbo Wang
Jie Pan

Integrated Engineering Development Environment
Oliver Rübenkönig
Zhenyu Liu
Jan G. Korvink

Interactive Learning
Oliver Rübenkönig
Jan G. Korvink

Symbolic-Numeric Algebra for Polynomials
Kosaku Nagasaka


Tricks of the Trade *
Sum-Free Set, Google™ Search for Mathematica, Asymptotic Expansion and Pi, Hadamard Regularization
by Paul Abbott

Beyond Sudoku 
Number Link
by Ed Pegg Jr

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