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Acoustic Wave Propagator--A Split Region Implementation
Neil Riste
Bradley McGrath
Jingbo Wang
Jie Pan

In this article we develop and implement a split region technique that solves the time-dependent acoustic wave equation with greatly increased efficiency. This method uses a sophisticated Chebyshev propagation scheme in areas where there are interfaces and medium variations, and a simple free space propagator where the medium is homogeneous. Mathematica provides a cohesive and interactive environment, where the mathematical functions and visualization tools required for this work are already built in. The interactive interface allows users to modify the code and study specific problems with ease.



About the Authors
Neil Riste and Bradley McGrath are Ph.D. students at The University of Western Australia, studying and theoretically modelling the dynamical response of both quantum and classical systems to external disturbance.

Associate Professor Jingbo Wang leads the Quantum Dynamics Theory Group at The University of Western Australia and has a wide range of interests, from atomic physics, molecular and chemical physics, spectroscopy, acoustics, chaos, nanostructured electronic devices, and mesoscopic physics to quantum information and computation.

Professor Jie Pan is the director of the Center for Acoustics, Dynamics and Vibration at The University of Western Australia. His research areas are room acoustics, structural acoustics, and active noise and vibration control.

Neil Riste
Bradley McGrath
Jingbo Wang
Jie Pan
School of Physics
School of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA 6009, Australia

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