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Making MathWorld
Eric W. Weisstein

MathWorld ( is the internet's most popular mathematical resource. Its extensive and detailed entries usually find their way into the top three (if not top one) results returned by a Google search for mathematics terms. Mathematica has long been instrumental in the authoring of MathWorld, which has been hosted by Wolfram Research since 1999. As a result of new work partially funded by a grant from the National Science Digital Library program of the National Science Foundation, MathWorld's contents are now written entirely in notebooks that are converted to web pages by Mathematica itself. In this article, the processes that bring MathWorld from keyboard to the web will be discussed, focusing especially on the Mathematica-based tools that make this transformation possible. In addition, a number of useful, new interactive features added to MathWorld as a part of the digital library work will be discussed.



About the Author
Eric W. Weisstein began compiling scientific encyclopedias as a high school student nearly 20 years ago. Born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1969, he studied physics and astronomy at Cornell University and at Caltech and received his Ph.D. from Caltech in 1996. In 1995, Weisstein took the vast collection of mathematical facts that he had been accumulating since his teenage years and began to deploy them on the early internet. These pioneering efforts at organizing and presenting online content helped define a paradigm that has subsequently been followed by other large-scale informational projects on the web.

Weisstein joined Wolfram Research in 1999 and unveiled the MathWorld website at later that year. As a Senior Research Fellow at Wolfram Research, Weisstein has led the development of MathWorld, continuing to expand its scope and depth and fulfilling his vision for bringing accessible mathematical and scientific knowledge to the widest possible audience. Weisstein works closely with the main development teams at Wolfram Research and is a consultant for the CBS television crime drama NUMB3RS.

Eric W. Weisstein
Senior Research Fellow
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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