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Symbolic-Numeric Algebra for Polynomials
Kosaku Nagasaka

Symbolic-Numeric Algebra for Polynomials (SNAP) is a prototype package that includes basic functions for computing approximate algebraic properties, such as the approximate GCD of polynomials. Our aim is to show how the unified tolerance mechanism we introduce in the package works. Using this mechanism, we can carry out approximate calculations under certified tolerances. In this article, we demonstrate the functionality of the currently released package (Version 0.2), which is downloadable from



About the Author
Kosaku Nagasaka is an assistant professor at Kobe University in Japan. In the summer of 1999, Nagasaka participated in the Wolfram Research student internship program. Since 2001, he has been one of the directors of the Japanese Mathematica User Group. His main research topic is symbolic numeric algorithms for polynomials.

Kosaku Nagasaka
Division of Mathematics and Informatics
Department of Science of Human Environment
Faculty of Human Development
Kobe University

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