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New Resources

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Wolfram Research has launched The Wolfram Demonstrations Project--a daily growing online collection of open-code "mini-applications," all created in Mathematica 6 and contributed by users from around the world, bringing computational exploration to the widest possible audience. Explore The Demonstrations Project at

Wolfram Technology Conference 2006 Proceedings
The 2006 Wolfram Technology Conference offered over 100 presentations and workshops on Wolfram technologies and their applications. Many of the presentation notebooks are now available online at

M221: Introduction to Programming in Mathematica
Wolfram Education Group has introduced a six-hour course that covers Mathematica's functional, procedural, and rule-based programming capabilities. It includes practical hands-on exercises and shows how to choose appropriate programming paradigms for solving problems. The full description is online at

M235: Mathematica Development using Wolfram Workbench
This new Wolfram Education Group mini-course covers the major concepts and features of Wolfram Workbench. It presents and explains features such as source code editing, debugging, profiling, and unit testing for advanced development of Mathematica code and projects. For the full description, see

Mathematica in Education and Research
Volume 12, Number 1 of Mathematica in Education and Research (MiER) is now online. The issue has articles on mathematical analysis, geometric themes, classroom uses of Mathematica, and more.

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