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New Products

Mathematica 6
Mathematica 6 is a dramatic reinvention of Mathematica, taking technical computing to a whole new level. It provides nearly a thousand new computational and interface features, including dynamic interactivity, high-impact adaptive visualization, load-on-demand curated data, and symbolic interface construction.

Mathematica Applications

The new application AceFEM is a general finite element environment for solving multi-physics and multi-field problems. It provides both extensive symbolic capabilities and high numeric efficiency.

New AceGen provides an optimal environment for designing and implementing numerical code. It is designed for especially hard problems, such as analytical sensitivity analysis of complex multi-field problems, where general strategies to efficiently formulate numerical procedures have not yet been established.

Cluster Integration Package 1.2
Free add-on Cluster Integration Package provides a direct interface to cluster management systems from within gridMathematica and allows compute kernels to be administered with a single one-line command. Version 1.2 supports Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, Platform LSF, and Sun Grid Engine.

Digital Image Processing 2.1
Digital Image Processing 2.1 adds a GUIKit-based package for interactively selecting image regions of interest for possible measurement or modification. The package integrates with Mathematica to automate custom analyses, run routine procedures, and develop new algorithms.

Geometry Expressions
New symbolic geometry system Geometry Expressions defines geometric figures by either symbolic constraints or numeric locations, using a sketch-based interface. Measurements are mathematical expressions that can be analyzed in Mathematica.

Mathematica Link for Excel 3
Mathematica Link for Excel 3 leverages Excel's capabilities into the Mathematica notebook environment, so users can easily work in both applications side by side. Enhancements include Mathematica-based macros, a suite of over 50 functions to interact with and automate Excel, and Excel display of typesetting and formatted output.

MathModelica System Designer Professional
MathModelica System Designer Professional (formerly MathModelica) provides a unique graphical environment for multiengineering modeling and simulation. The live models link seamlessly to Mathematica, with all simulation variables and model parameters available.

UnRisk 2.5
UnRisk 2.5 (formerly UnRisk PRICING ENGINE) boosts speed and provides many new instruments and models for financial derivatives analysis.

A WorkLife FrameWork
A WorkLife FrameWork is a new set of creative tools that provides a rich selection of options for interacting with, extending, organizing, and visualizing everyday work in Mathematica for any field.

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