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Volume 11, Issue 2

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Eighth International Mathematica Symposium

Articles in this issue were selected from the proceedings of the Eighth International Mathematica Symposium (Avignon, France, June 19–23, 2006). They may have been updated to take advantage of the new features of Mathematica 7. More proceedings articles will follow in the next issue.

Introduction by Guest Editor Yves Papegay

Feature Articles

On the Perimeter of an Ellipse
Paul Abbott

An Algorithmic Approach to Manifolds
Rémi Barrère

Visualizing Complex Functions with the Presentations Application
Murray Eisenberg
David J. M. Park, Jr.

Substitutions and Replacements in Mechanism Prototyping
Gábor Erdos

Computing the Uncomputable Rado Sigma Function
Joachim Hertel

The Buffon Needle Problem Revisited in a Pedagogical Perspective
Ivar G. Johannesen


Trott's Corner 
Constructing Crossword Arrays Faster
by Michael Trott

Beyond Sudoku *
Crossing Number Graphs
by Ed Pegg Jr and Geoffrey Exoo

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