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Volume 11, Issue 2


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Volume 11, Issue 2

You can download the notebooks in this issue of The Mathematica Journal as a .zip file.

Download (13.1 MB)

Once you have unzipped the file, you will have a directory that includes the following notebooks.

  • TMJv11i2-contents.nb—Table of Contents
  • Corner11-2.nbConstructing Crossword Arrays Faster by Michael Trott
  • CrossingNumberGraphs.nbCrossing Number Graphs by Ed Pegg Jr and Geoffrey Exoo
  • Editors.nbEditor’s Introduction by Yves Papegay
  • Abbott.nbOn the Perimeter of an Ellipse by Paul Abbott
  • Barrere.nbAn Algorithmic Approach to Manifolds by Rémi Barrère
  • EisenbergPark.nbVisualizing Complex Functions with the Presentations Application by Murray Eisenberg and David J. M. Park, Jr.
  • Erdos.nbSubstitutions and Replacements in Mechanism Prototyping by Gábor Erdos
  • Hertel.nbComputing the Uncomputable Rado Sigma Function by Joachim Hertel
  • Johannesen.nbThe Buffon Needle Problem Revisited in a Pedagogical Perspective by Ivar G. Johannesen

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