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Eighth International Mathematica Symposium

Articles in this issue were selected from the proceedings of the Eighth International Mathematica Symposium (Avignon, France, June 19–23, 2006). They may have been updated to take advantage of the new features of Mathematica 7. Issue 11:2 contained other articles from IMS 2006.

Feature Articles

A Mathematica Implementation of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Theory via the Spider Algorithm and Finding Critical Zeros of High-Degree Polynomials
T. M. Jonassen

Evaluation of Financial Options Using Radial Basis Functions in Mathematica
Michael Kelly

Combinatorics on Words
Veikko Keränen

Exploratory Toolkit for Evolutionary and Swarm-Based Optimization
Namrata Khemka
Christian Jacob

On the Visualization of Riemann Surfaces
Simo Kivelä

Surface Logic
Andrew Saunders
Amie Nulman

Divisibility and State Complexity
Klaus Sutner


Beyond Sudoku *
The Icosian Game, Revisited
by Ed Pegg Jr

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