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The Mathematica Journal: Volume 4, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Volume 4, Issue 1
Winter 1994



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 D E P A R T M E N T S 
 G R A P H I C S   G A L L E R Y 
  • Random Series in Computer Graphics
    by Igor S. Bakshee and Toshimitsu Musha [Abstract] [PDF]
 R E V I E W S 
  • Ad Infinitum: The Ghost in Turing's Machine and Zero to Lazy Eight
    reviewed by Philip Chapnick [Abstract] [PDF]
  • InterCall 2.1
    reviewed by Sha Xin Wei [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Mathematica Help Stack
    reviewed by David Hart [Abstract] [PDF]
 T U T O R I A L S 
  • In[] and Out[]
    edited by Paul Abbott [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Tricks of the Trade
    edited by Paul Abbott [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Some Rule-Based Programming Examples
    by J.M. Selig [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Ladders, Moats, and Lagrange Multipliers
    by C. Henry Edwards [Abstract] [PDF]
 C O L U M N S 
  • The Mathematica Programmer: Logic Programming I: The Interpreter
    by Roman E. Maeder [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Artificial Intelligence: Fuzzy Systems for Control Applications: The Truck Backer-Upper
    by James A. Freeman [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Tech Support: Remote Kernels, ComplexExpand, and Memory Use under Windows
    edited by Todd Gayley [Abstract] [PDF]
  • Decisions, Uncertainty, and All That: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Modeling Venture Capital Decisions
    by Robert J. Korsan [Abstract] [PDF]
 A R T I C L E 
  • Image Compression Using the Discrete Cosine Transform
    by Andrew B. Watson [Abstract] [PDF]

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