Control System Professional is an environment for solving control engineering problems. The application defines the transfer-function and state-space data structures commonly used in the control and systems contexts and provides a suite of functions that operate on these data structures. It allows the user to obtain symbolic and numerical solutions to a wide range of problems in systems analysis and design, including feedback design, model building, conversion, and reduction. It supplies a library of interconnecting functions to build complex systems from simple ones; functions that compute analytically, or simulate numerically, the output and state responses; frequency-domain analysis functions, including functions to generate the Bode, Nyquist, Nichols, and singular-value plots, as well as functions that plot and animate the root loci. The application handles systems with time delays and supports several linearization methods for nonlinear systems, including Padé and minimax approximations.

Control System Professional is designed to handle typical control and systems problems in a user-friendly fashion. Whenever possible, it provides a high-level interface that requires minimal algorithmic knowledge from the user. Lower-level functions are also provided so that experts should find working with the application just as convenient.

This article introduces some ideas behind the design of Control System Professional and highlights some of its functionality.