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Volume 7, Issue 2
June, 1998

You can download the notebooks and packages in this issue of The Mathematica Journal as a .ZIP file.

Download .ZIP File

Once you have unzipped the file, you will have a directory that includes the following files.

  • TMJv7i2-contents.nb -- Table of Contents
  • thaller1.nb -- Visualization of Complex Functions, by Bernd Thaller
  • ComplexPlot.m -- Supplement for Thaller article
  • CPcmds.nb -- Supplement for Thaller article
  • ComplexPlot.nb -- Supplement for Thaller article
  • BrowserIndex.nb -- Supplement for Thaller article
  • BrowserCategories.nb -- Supplement for Thaller article
  • Shuttle.raw -- Supplement for Thaller article
  • kuzniarek.nb -- The Design of the Mathematica Fonts, by Andre Kuzniarek
  • trott.nb -- The Area of a Random Triangle, by Michael Trott
  • ramsden.nb -- Version 3 in the Classroom, by Phil Ramsden
  • Tricks1.nb -- Tricks of the Trade, edited by Paul Abbott
  • inout.nb -- In and Out, edited by Paul Abbott
  • miller.nb -- Technical Support, by Bruce Miller
  • bakshee.nb -- Product Profile: Control System Professional, by Igor Bakshee

Text sections of the Journal (letters, news, etc.) are not included in the download.