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I haven't gotten my paper copy of the new issue yet, but I can read the web version while I'm waiting. Congratulations on The Mathematica Journal!
Arnold O. Allen,

Although I am quite sure the information content of the new online Mathematica Journal will increase, I already spend too much time staring at my monitor. It was always nice to be able to read TMJ at my leisure away from the computer, perhaps even outdoors!
Joseph Vallino,
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

Is The Mathematica Journal still being published? If it is, how can I subscribe? Are the electronic supplements still published as well? Mendel Kleiner,
Department of Applied Acoustics, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

I would be very---very!---interested in receiving the renewed Mathematica Journal. Please check my subscription status. The main thing is have my copy ofThe Mathematica Journal again.
Hermann Meier,
Zurich, Switzerland

Hello from Melbourne, Australia. I received a letter which says "the next issue of the Journal will be available in its new form as an online, interactive publication." This has me rather worried. Will a printed Journal still be available?
Greg Keogh,
Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

I am very happy to hear that the Journal is available again, as I have found it very useful.
Daniel Sorensen,
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Will the policy of distributing floppies containing algorithms be continued?
John Bennett

What will be the enumeration and chronology for the first issue? That is, what volume, number, etc.? I speak for the whole world of libraries when I say, I appreciate the rapid response you have given to my questions.
Caleb Tucker-Raymond,
Barker Engineering Library, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I realize that The Mathematica Journal just started back up under new management. However, will we (subscribers) have full online access to back issues under the new scheme of things, as the online Journal matures?
Mark J. Evans

The Editors Reply

It is gratifying to have received hundreds of letters and inquiries since we began to revive publication of The Mathematica Journal last year. Most of the questions were variations of the basic "Where is my issue of The Mathematica Journal?" but thousands of subscribers waited patiently for something that hadn't seen print for more than a year. Now, it's here and in your hands at last.

Each print edition of The Mathematica Journal will be completed in the months following the online version. The basic subscription is online, with the print version available as an optional extra. There will be no more distribution of supplemental floppy disks of software or algorithms. Instead, such information will be available on the website for downloading.

The Mathematica Journal will continue to be published quarterly. The numbering of issues will continue to follow the system employed by the previous publishers. A back issue and archive system also will become available online, with search engine capability.

Another improvement to The Mathematica Journal comes from going online. We now have the ability to make changes and corrections to all the details within every notebook published on our web pages. Thus, The Mathematica Journall will continue to rely upon letters, email, and all forms of input from its readers.

If you are a subscriber to The Mathematica Journal, please request your password and login name by sending email to subscribe@mathematica-journal. You can also confirm your subscription and get a password on the web at

Thank you for your continued use of and interest in The Mathematica Journal.

The Editors