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Special thanks to the editor and editorial advisory board serving during the development of the articles and columns in Volume 7, Issue 2 of The Mathematica Journal: Editor Troels Petersen; Steve Christensen (MathTensor, Inc.); Donald Glaser (University of California, Berkeley); Donald Knuth (Stanford University); Wolfram Koepf (Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin); Silvio Levy (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute); David Lovelock (University of Arizona); Jerry Marsden (University of California, Berkeley); Robert Moore (University of Washington, Seattle); Alfred van der Poorten (Macquarie University); Bill Press (Harvard University); Sam Savage (University of Chicago); Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon University); Lawrence M. Seiford (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Lynn Steen (St. Olaf College); Francis Sullivan (Institute for Defense Analysis); Bill Thurston (University of California, Davis); Hal Varian (University of California, Berkeley); Rob Wolff (Apple Computer, Inc.); and Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Research, Inc.).

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