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Volume 7, Issue 3

You can download the notebooks and packages in this issue of The Mathematica Journal as a .ZIP file.

Download .ZIP File

Once you have unzipped the file, you will have a directory that includes the following files.

  • TMJv7i3-contents.nb -- Table of Contents
  • harris.nb -- Semantica: Semantic Pattern Matching in Mathematica, by Jason Harris
  • Semantica.m -- Supplement for Harris article
  • TableFormatting.m -- Supplement for Harris article
  • Rudd.nb -- Waterworks, by Robert Rudd
  • Hart.nb -- Zonohedrification, by George W. Hart
  • zonohedra1.nb -- Supplement for Hart article
  • Towle.nb -- Supplement for Hart article
  • Antchev.nb -- Interactive Exercises on Matrix Algebra, by Kostadin Antchev, Jari Multisilta, and Seppo Pohjolainen
  • Antchev.sit.hqx -- [MAC ONLY] Supplement for Antchev article
  • mir.nb -- Special Section: Mir and Mathematica, by Michael Foale
  • hebert.nb -- Graphics Gallery: Ulysses: Sand as Medium, by Jean-Pierre Hébert
  • -- Supplement for Hébert column
  • -- Supplement for Hébert column
  • -- Supplement for Hébert column
  • tricks7-3.nb -- Tricks of the Trade, by Paul Abbott
  • File1.nb -- Supplement for Abbott Tricks of the Trade column
  • File2.nb -- Supplement for Abbott Tricks of the Trade column
  • inout7-3.nb -- In and Out, by Paul Abbott
  • Puzzle.nb -- Trott's Corner, by Michael Trott
  • Maeder.nb -- The Mathematica Programmer, by Roman Maeder
  • Intervals.m -- Supplement for Maeder column
  • PriorityQueue.m -- Supplement for Maeder column
  • Ramsden.nb -- Mathematica in the Classroom, by Phil Ramsden
  • Miller.nb -- Technical Support, by Bruce Miller
  • Artlandia.nb -- Editor's Pick: Artlandia, by Flip Phillips

Text sections of the Journal (letters, news, etc.) are not included in the download.