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Congratulations on resurrecting The Mathematica Journal and in such an appealing and useful format. I just finished perusing Vol. 7 No. 2.  In every respect, the new Journal equals or exceeds its previous incarnation. The design is much more appealing, in my view, and facilitates finding material. Best of all, the quality of content is as high as ever. I was especially pleased to see Paul Abbott's tutorials and Bruce Miller's Tech Support. I have really missed these columns during TMJ's long rest. A couple of requests: First, I hope you plan a detailed look at Mathematica 4 in the near future! Second, the large number of books on Mathematica that have appeared recently pose a problem for those of us who use Mathematica in research and in teaching. How about a regular book review column, to be introduced by a round-up review of recent books?  In any case, thanks for all the work that went into bringing TMJ back to life. 

Prof. Michael A. Morrison
Dept. Physics and Astronomy
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 

The editors reply: 
We appreciate your comments and suggestions very much. With this issue we add two more regular columns: the new "Trott's Corner", by Michael Trott, and the venerable "Mathematica Programmer", by Roman Maeder. The next issue (7:4) will deal extensively with Mathematica 4. You will find reviews and listings of recent books in this issue of the journal, along with a form for readers to post their own book reviews. We are considering adding book reviews to the printed journal as well.


Congratulations on The Mathematica Journal 7:2. It is an elegant exposition of mathematics and Mathematica. (For the print version) to be useful, it needs an open-flat binding. After struggling for a few minutes to try typing the SolveAlways example on pg. 136, while simultaneously holding the Journal open without benefit of a crowbar or large paperweight, I decided to rip the pages apart and put them into a " plastic binding. I realize open flat would add to production cost and subscription cost, but it would save me the twenty minutes spent on rebinding the Journal. Availability of the notebooks on your web page is no substitute for Kenneth E. Iverson's "necessary finger exercises" of actually entering input statements, and it is best to do this with the Journal in hand.

Tom Olsen
Phoenix, AZ

The editors reply: 
That's a good idea. We've begun to investigate its feasibility. What has become evident during the process of publishing the last two issues of TMJ is that the Journal-both online and in print-will require continual renewal and change.

Just looked at your In and Out column (The Mathematica Journal 7:2) with Legendre Generating Function among other things. I note that the very first integral there does not work under Mathematica 4, but works fine for Mathematica 3.0.  Version 4 talks about dividing by zero.

Kevin J. McCann

Columnist Paul Abbott ( replies:  Kevin, thanks for noting this. I wrote this column before Version 4 was released, and didn't have a chance to update it before publication. If you wrap Factor around the integrand of the first integral it works fine in Version 4.

I am interested in learning if The Mathematica Journal provides site wide electronic access via IP address to its institutional subscribers. Currently, I have been sent a login and password and I am wondering (1) if this login and password can be distributed to researchers on this site and (2) if it is possible to set up access via IP address recognition.

Joan St.Germain
Electronic Resources Librarian 
Boulder, CO

The editors reply: 
Yes, we have subscribers with online access for sites via IP address recognition. Each institutional subscription can be served to a range of IP addresses up to 250 clients. Contact to set this up.