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Math Everywhere, Inc. Courseware Series Now Available

The project that started 10 years ago with Jerry Uhl's and Horacio Porta's revolutionary interactive textbook Calculus&Mathematica has evolved into a dynamic organization dedicated to interactive mathematics education. Math Everywhere, Inc. is a company created by the Calculus&Mathematica authors to publish courseware and promote distance learning. The company has just published a courseware series covering calculus, differential equations, and matrices and geometry.

For the folks at Math Everywhere, courseware is the means to an ambitious goal of revitalizing the way that people learn mathematics. They believe that students learn mathematics themselves and can't be "taught" how to develop the intuition for thinking about problems. Rather than handing-down algorithms to be memorized and applied with pencil and paper, Math Everywhere provides a Socratic teaching environment emphasizing a visual learning style and experimentation. Their courseware sets up concepts visually through vivid interactive Mathematica graphics before technical terminology is presented. Since all examples can be rekeyed and reevaluated, students can run unlimited experiments.

Math Everywhere has branched from the campus to distance education. One of the goals of Math Everywhere is to teach mathematics on the internet "anywhere and anytime."  Math Everywhere offers a flexible curriculum of web-based distance learning courses that can be taken directly for certification or for college credit through Magellan University. Math Everywhere's consulting services also give workshops in mathematical subjects and teaching methodology.

  • Calculus&Mathematica (Davis, Porta, and Uhl), ISBN 1-57955-013-4
  • Vector Calculus&Mathematica (Davis, Porta, and Uhl), ISBN 1-57955-014-2
  • Differential Equations&Mathematica (Davis and Uhl) ISBN 1-57955-015-0
  • Matrices, Geometry&Mathematica (Davis and Uhl) ISBN 1-57955-016-9

Each CD costs $45 and includes full Mathematica interactive courseware. CDs are available at (Compatible with Mathematica versions 3 and 4 for Macintosh and Windows. Note that Mathematica is not included on Math Everywhere CDs.)

More information about Math Everywhere

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