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New on MathSource 

The following notebooks and packages were recently published on MathSource.  To download, select the name of any of these items or visit MathSource at

Modelling Financial Derivatives with Mathematica (William Shaw, item 0209-023)

LiveGraphics3D (Martin Kraus, item 0209-281)

Modified Versions of Plot, Plot3D, ContourPlot, DensityPlot, etc. (Ted Ersek, item 0209-876)

Trial Version: Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits with Analog Insydes (Eckhard Hennig, item 0210-069)

Spheres (Rolf Sulanke, item 0210-092)

Algorithms on Finite Automata. Parts I - IV (Jaime Rangel-Mondragon, item 0210-249)

Gauss-Lagrange Algorithm for Real Quadratic Forms (Gabriel Chenevert, item 0210-250)

An Alternative Front End Integrated into Vim (a vi-clone) (Timo Felbinger, item 0210-306)

MathLink to IBM techexplorer (Tom Hildrich, item 0210-317)

Reading FORM Output into Mathematica (Thomas Hahn, item 0210-339)

Plotting the Monsters of Real Analysis (Gabriel Chenevert, item 0210-340)

Tube Plots, Knots, and Braids (Mitchell A. Berger, item 0210-362)

Implementing Special Numbers: Advanced List Manipulations (Keehong Song, item 0210-373)

Loading RiskMetrics® Data to Mathematica (Martin Schmitz, item 0210-384)

The Spread Option Package (Espen Gaarder Haug, item 0210-395)

Triangulations of a Convex Polygon (Keehong Song, item 0210-407)

Creeping Flow Caused by a Rotating Sphere (Mark J. McCready, item 0210-418)

Chinese Leap Months and the Date of Chinese New Year (Helmer Aslaksen, item 0210-429)

Algorithms on Trees (Jaime Rangel-Mondragón, Arturo González-Gutiérrez, item 0210-430)

A FITS Image Reader for Mathematica (Roberto G. Abraham, item 0210-452)

Atomic and Electronic Structure of Carbon Nanotubes (Mads Brandbyge, item 0210-463)

Cycle Index Computations (Eugene Curtin, item 0210-474)

Infinite Sums Manipulation (Peltio, item 0210-508)

emmathfnt - A Toolkit for Embedding Mathematica Fonts in EPS Files (P.J. Hinton, item 0210-519)

Rigid Body Kinematics Package (Hanspeter Schaub, item 0210-520)

Chaotic Pinball Billiards for Mathematica (Iacovos Kyprianou, item 0210-531)

Champernowne Constant and Its Continued Fraction Expansion (Maxim Rytin, item 0210-542)

Quality Control (Control Charts for Process Variables) (Guillermo Sanchez, item 0210-553)

LinkSQL - ODBC Functions v0.2 (Alan Walker, item 0210-564)

Named Patterns in (lhs->rhs), (lhs=rhs), (lhs^=rhs), (f/:lhs=rhs) (Ted Ersek, item 0210-609)

Lubricated Flow of a Viscous Liquid in a Pipe (Mark J. McCready, item 0210-610)

"Web Safe" Colors Palettes (David Reiss, item 0210-621)

Regular Polytopes (Russell Towle, item 0210-643) 

The Peano Curve (Gabriel Chenevert, item 0210-654) 

Complex Analysis: Mathematica 4.0 Notebooks (John H. Mathews and Russell Howell, item 0210-676)

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