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Industrial Thermics
Solutions for Thermal Calculations

Utilizing innovative solution techniques for thermal calculations, Industrial Thermics performs analytical analysis in the field of heat transfer. It helps the user create parametric mathematical models that can be changed and optimized quickly and intuitively.

Industrial Thermics includes an extensive library of easy-to-use functions and over 100 fully documented examples that can be copied and pasted into any original work.

Industrial Thermics not only makes complicated thermal processes much easier to understand but also supplies the necessary tools to handle them (including an easy-to-read manual). Fast, accurate solutions are provided in a fraction of the time it would take using manual calculations or conventional methods.

Industrial Thermics can be used by engineers and technical students, and for the use of teaching heat transfer in practical courses. It was developed and is supported by Visual Analysis GmbH, Neumarkter Str. 87 D-81673, Muenchen, Germany.

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