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Network Mathematica

Network Mathematica was developed as a solution for Mathematica users with the need for centralized administration and concurrent-use program options. The network license provides the easiest, most flexible, and cost-effective way to buy, deploy, and administer Mathematica and other Wolfram Research products throughout an organization.

Network Mathematica uses MathLM, the Mathematica license manager, to control and distribute networked Mathematica processes (sessions) from a central license server. Using this method, a Mathematica process can be floated to different machines on an as-needed basis, thereby serving many users over the course of a day and enabling it to be employed a greater fraction of the time than a license fixed to one machine. The shared license usage can also cost significantly less than providing single-user licenses throughout a facility.

MathLM currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and a variety of Unix platforms, including Linux. License clients may run on any platform supported by Mathematica. Also, administrators may now centrally install Mathematica on a file server rather than a local workstation, enabling every user to have access to the same Mathematica release.

Network Mathematica may be utilized effectively with small workgroups of two machines or with widespread organizational networks servicing thousands. Network Mathematica enables cross-platform implementation of Mathematica and prevents problems with lost or replacement passwords and orphaned licenses, thereby simplifying program installation and administration.

More information on Network Mathematica.

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