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J/Link: The Java-Mathematica Connection

Mathematica and Java are integrated in the preview release version of J/Link. 

J/Link is a Mathematica toolkit that contains a Java-MathLink software developer's kit with extensive documentation, utilities, and sample programs. According to Todd Gayley, director of Java technology at Wolfram Research, "J/Link is a major advance for Mathematica and Java. It expands the range and power of the Mathematica environment by encompassing all of Java. It also makes it easy to write Java programs that use the services of Mathematica. In particular, people who want to create web-based solutions involving Mathematica now have an excellent tool."

With J/Link, Java programs can now access the mathematical and technical knowledge available in Mathematica. J/Link also enables Mathematica programs to act as a scripting and wiring language for Java providing an interactive development environment. Users can load Java classes, create objects, and call methods directly from Mathematica. With this facility, all of Java is now directly available in Mathematica to build sophisticated applications such as carrying out statistical analysis of data read from a URL, building platform-independent GUI applications, or manipulating XML data.

The core technology of J/Link makes use of the Java-reflection API, which allows Java code to describe itself to some external agent, in this case Mathematica. In this way Mathematica can dynamically and automatically construct the correct interface to the capabilities of a Java package. There is no need for any special template interface to be constructed, as is the case for C or C++.  The preview release of J/Link is available at no charge both to users and to developers who wish to create applications involving Java and Mathematica.

More information about and free download of J/Link.

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