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Mathematica 4 Japanese Edition

The Mathematica 4 Japanese Edition possesses all of the same features and program capabilities for which Mathematica is internationally known, within a completely Japanese interface.

The Mathematica 4 Japanese Edition features Japanese menus,  dialog boxes, error messages, and online guides (including the Master Index and online keyword searches). Also included is a complete Japanese translation (online and print) of The Mathematica Book, Fourth Edition, and the option of either English or Japanese interfaces. The Japanese Edition also includes full translations of other Mathematica documentation, including the Getting Started with Mathematica.

Mathematica is the only technical computing system to offer such an extensive Japanese localization, providing not only a Japanese user interface and documentation but also input and output of Japanese characters for professional-quality publications and web-ready presentations. 

"The Japanese insistence on quality and thoroughness has endeared them to Mathematica and resulted in our long-standing success in this market. That's why it was imperative that the quality of our localization was up to Wolfram Research standards--not just industry standards," said Conrad Wolfram, director of strategic and international development for Wolfram Research.

More information about the Mathematica 4 Japanese Edition.

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