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Volume 7, Issue 4

Research Articles using Mathematica (1999)

Ferreira, M.; Ferreira, W.; Lino, A.; and Porto, M. "Uncovering Oscillations, Complexity, and Chaos in Chemical Kinetics Using Mathematica," Journal of Chemical Education 76, no. 6 (1999) 861-866.

Geppi, M. and Forte, C. "The Sport-NMR Software: A Tool for Determining Relaxation Times in Unresolved NMR Spectra," Journal of Magnetic Resonance 137 (1999) 177-185.

Heiner, K., and Wagon, S. "Statistics in the Classroom and the Courtroom," Mathematica in Education and Research 8, no. 1 (1999) 49-57.

Jemmer, P. "Symbolic Algebra in the Analysis of Dynamic Chemical-Kinetic Systems," Mathematica and Computer Modelling 30 (1999) 33-47.

Kangyan, H.; Tang, T.; and Chaoyang, T. "Study on Lie Algebraic Deflection Aberration Theory for Combined Magnetic Focusing-Deflection Systems," Optik 6 (1999) 271-278.

Kent, P., and Stevenson, I. "'Calculus in Context': A Study of Undergraduate Chemistry Students' Perceptions of Integration." Paper given at Psychology of Mathematics Education 23 (July 1999).

Mikhailov, M. "Shape Functions Generation with Mathematica," Hybrid Methods in Engineering 1 (1999) 79-86. 

Mu, Dr. "Think Twice, Code Once," Quantum (May/June 1999) 55-59.

Rosenholtz, I. "Tangent Sequences, World Records, Pi, and the Meaning of Life: Some Applications of Number Theory to Calculus," Mathematics Magazine 72, no. 5 (1999) 367-376.

Strzebonski, A. "A Real Polynomial Decision Algorithm Using Arbitrary-Precision Floating Point Arithmetic," Reliable Computing 5 (1999) 337-346.

Takagi, H., and Sakamaki, K. "Symbolic Moment Calculation for the Sojourn Time in M/G/1 Queues with Bernoulli Feedback,"Journal of the Operations Research 42, no. 1 (1999) 78-87.

Tanaka, M. and Bercin, A. "Free Vibration Solution for Uniform Beams of Nonsymmetrical Cross Section Using Mathematica," Computers and Structures 71 (1999) 1-8.

Yagasaki, K. and Ichikawa, T. "Higher-Order Averaging for Periodically Forced, Weakly Nonlinear Systems," International Journal for Bifurcation and Chaos 9, no. 3 (1999) 519-531.

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