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Digital Image Processing

The new Digital Image Processing application package for Mathematica contains tools for image processing, ranging from the basic to very advanced.  Since its functionality is completely integrated with that of Mathematica, Digital Image Processing can perform far more sophisticated operations than standard image processing software.

Designed for students and professionals alike, Digital Image Processing combines a wide array of means for processing, transforming, and manipulating images. It comes with an interactive manual and tutorial.  Advanced users can take advantage of Mathematica's flexibility and functionality in order to program their own image processing tools and functions.  

Digital Image Processing's features include the ability to import and export more than 15 standard image formats, support for many color models, a large number of built-in filters and filter-design algorithms, the ability to process over arbitrary polygonal regions of an image, and functions to smooth, sharpen, and reduce noise in images.

The author of Digital Image Processing is Dr. Mariusz Jankowski of Southern Maine University.  A winner of many awards in Electrical Engineering Education, Dr. Jankowski is also the author of the "Linear and Morphological Image Processing" feature article in this issue of The Mathematica Journal.

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