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Calculus WIZ

The popular Mathematica application package, Calculus WIZ, is now available as a stand-alone application.  The new Mathematica 4 compatible version of Calculus WIZ uses the power of Mathematica to conquer tough calculus homework.  And, since it is a stand-alone application, you do not need Mathematica to use it.

Calculus WIZ is comprehensive, covering calculus topics ranging from limits and functions to derivatives, integrals, and differential equations.  Graphics and charts bring these and many more topics to life, making them much easier to understand.  Built-in solvers accept and solve actual homework problems, allowing for fast double-checking of work and avoiding a lot of extra work. Tutorials provide that needed bit of extra help.  The coverage is compatible with standard calculus textbooks, so that no matter how hard the class, Calculus WIZ can help with it.

The stand-alone version of Calculus WIZ is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and Macintosh, and requires 160 MB of hard-disk space for installation.  A new Mathematica 4 compatible application package version is also available for registered users of the previous version of Calculus WIZ or registered users of Mathematica.

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