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New on MathSource  

The following notebooks and packages were recently published on MathSource.  To download, click the name of any of these items or visit MathSource at

Array of Framed Plots: Shared Axes or Inverted Axes  (Michele Cappellari, item 0208-538)

Class Material Creation for Primary School Mathematics (Peter Massey, Debbie Wheeler, item 0210-687)

A Package to View All Colors Over a Specified Range (Ted Ersek, item 0210-700)

An Enhanced Version of the Package FilterOptions`Utilities` (Ted Ersek, item 0210-711)

A Utility Palette (Ted Ersek, item 0210-744)

Finding the Inverse of Euler Totient Function (Maxim Rytin, item 0210-755)

Add Colors, Borders, etc. to Exported HTML Pages (Reinhold Kainhofer, item 0210-788)

Multiple-Response Fitting (Bruce Miller, item 0210-799)

Random Math Test Generation (Tom De Vries, item 0210-801)

Spheroidal Wave Functions (Le-Wei Li, item 0210-812)

Simulating Sunlight (Matthew P. Szudzik, item 0210-823)

Formal Proofs in Axiomatic Set Theory (Matthew P. Szudzik, item 0210-834)

Lie Algebras (Rolf Sulanke, item 0210-845)

A Cellular Automata Simulation Program for Silicon Anisotropic Super Micro-etching Process in Aqueous KOH (Kazume Nishidate, Mamoru Baba, Richard J. Gaylord, item 0210-867)

C60 Graphics (Kazume Nishidate, Mamoru Baba, Kiyoshi Nishikawa, item 0210-878)

MathSaver (Stephen Coast, item 0210-889)

NineJSymbol (Alec Wodtke, Josh Halpern, item 0210-890)

Formatting Mathematica Output for Email (Ted Ersek, item 0210-902)

ArrowExtended.m (David Reiss, item 0210-913)

Balance Chemical Reactions (Frank Kampas, item 0210-924)

Exterior Differential Calculus (Sotirios Bonanos, item 0210-935)

JMath: A Text Frontend with Command Editing (emacs/vi), History, and Symbol Completion (Jim Radford, item 0210-946)

A Package to Find Options and Named Characters Matching a String Pattern (Ted Ersek, item 0210-957)

Numerical Inversion of Laplace Transform (Arnaud Mallet, item 0210-968)

Pattern Extractor (Frank Kronmueller, item 0210-979)

Virtual Antennas, Volume 1, 1999 (N.I.Yannopoulou, P.E. Zimourtopoulos, item 0210-980)

Stirling Numbers Redefined (Kwankyu Lee, item 0210-991)

Solution Methods for Microeconomic Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems (Christopher D. Carroll, item 0211-004)

Ito's Lemma (Mark Fisher, item 0211-015)

A Package to Eliminate Discontinuities in the Phase of an FFT (Ted Ersek, item 0211-026)

Dbg - An Easy to Use Debugger (David Bailey, item 0211-037)

Choleski Decomposition (Mark C. Bourland, item 0211-048)

Rhombic Helicoids (Russell Towle, item 0211-059)

Elect, Bead, and Star Zonohedra (Russell Towle, item 0211-060)

Zonohedral Completion (Russell Towle, item 0211-071)

Matrix Decomposition Using Pauli Matrices (Heiko Feldmann, item 0211-082)

Normal Ordering of Quantum Operators (A. Schnyder, item 0211-093)

Additional Analytical Inverse Laplace Transforms (Arnaud Mallet, item 0211-105)

3D Plots of Discontinuous Functions (Heiko Feldmann, item 0211-116)

Indical Tensor Package Using Notebook Interface (Dal-Ho Park, item 0211-127)

Gaussian Integrals (Frank Kuehnel, item 0211-138)

B-Spline Interpolation of Data with Regular Sampling (Philippe Thévenaz, item 0211-149)

GPS Simulator (Hans-Henrik Benzon, item 0211-150)

Solution of the Natural Convection Boundary-layer Flow Near a Heated Flat Plate (Mark J. McCready, item 0211-161)

Magma Temperature Calculation from Fe-Ti Oxide Compositions (Scott T. Dreher, item 0211-172)

Importance of Mass Transfer Fluctuations on Reaction Outcome in Multiphase Reactors (Mark J. McCready, item 0211-183)

Colored Zonotiles (Russell Towle, item 0211-194)

Introduction to Statistical Mechanics (Michelle M. Francl, item 0211-206)

Introduction to the Use of Numerical Methods in Chemical Kinetics (Michelle M. Francl, item 0211-217)

Inviscid Flow Past a Stationary Sphere (Mark J. McCready, item 0211-228)

QuCalc: A Quantum Computation Package (Paul Dumais, Hugo Touchette, item 0211-239)

Revised Installation Instructions for MathLie Packages that Accompany the Book, Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations with Mathematica (Eric Bynum, Gerd Baumann, item 0211-240)

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