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Reliability Theory with Applications to Preventive Maintenance

Ilya Gertsbakh, 2000, Springer-Verlag, 219 pages, hardbound.


Reliability Theory is a textbook appropriate for graduate students, researchers and engineers specializing in quality control, logistics, reliability, and maintenance engineering. Gertsbakh's book focuses on applications in preventive maintenance (PM). All models are presented in connection with the relevant
statistical material. Each chapter is concluded by a series of exercises with detailed solutions using Mathematica. Topics discussed are PM with learning, choice of the best time scale for PM, handling multidimensional state description, and dealing with uncertainty in data. Requires basic knowledge of calculus,
probability, and statistics.

Chapters include: System Reliability as a Function of Component Reliability; Parametric Lifetime Distributions; Statistical Inference from Incomplete Data; Preventive Maintenance Models Based on the Lifetime Distribution; Preventive Maintenance Based on Parameter Control; Best Time Scale for Age Replacement; Preventive Maintenance with Learning; Solutions to Exercises; Appendix A: Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process; Appendix B: Covariances and Means of Order Statistics; Appendix C: The Laplace Transform; Appendix D: Probability Paper; and Appendix E: Renewal Function 

This book is available from The Mathematica Bookstore.

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