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Volume 8, Issue 2

You can download the notebooks and packages in this issue of The Mathematica Journal as a .ZIP file.

Download .ZIP File (3.64 MB)

Once you have unzipped the file, you will have a directory that includes the following files.

  • TMJv8i2-contents.nb -- Table of Contents (8.72 KB)
  • foundations.nb -- The Foundations of Mathematics and Mathematica, by Stephen Wolfram (7.10 MB)
  • CodeGeneration.nb -- Code Generation for Simulation and Control Applications, by Mats Jirstrand and Johan Gunnarsson (726 KB)
  • MatrixNotation.nb -- Supplement for Jirstrand and Gunnarsson article (26.8 KB)
  • MatrixNotation.m -- Supplement for Jirstrand and Gunnarsson article (3.16 KB)
  • CAGPTools.nb -- Behavior and Learning under Law: Automata Containing Evolutionary Algorithms, by Seth J. Chandler and Christian Jacob (648 KB)
  • CAGPValidation.nb -- Supplement for Chandler and Jacob article (2.33 MB)
  • CAGPImplementation.nb -- Supplement for Chandler and Jacob article (140 KB)
  • GP-ExprGeneration.nb -- Supplement for Chandler and Jacob article (48.6 KB)
  • -- Supplement for Chandler and Jacob article (420 KB)
  • Musical.nb -- Musical Representations of the Fibonacci String, by Erik Jensen and Ronald Rusay (2.95 MB)
  • MaxilloFacial.nb -- Maxillo-Facial Frame: Finite Element Shapes, by Gautam Dasgupta and Jacques Treil (3.41 MB)
  • Appendices.nb -- Supplement for Dasgupta and Treil article (469 KB)
  • CFLP.nb -- CFLP: A Distributed Constraint System, by Marcea Marin, Tetsuo Ida, and Wolfgang Schreiner (246 KB)
  • cflp.tar.gz -- Supplement for Marin, et al. article (154 KB)
  • TheoremaAbstract.nb -- Theorema: A Proving System Based on Mathematica (Abstract), by Bruno Buchberger (182 KB)
  • IMS99Abstracts.nb -- Special Section: Abstracts of Additional Papers from IMS '99 (157 KB)
  • webMathematica.nb -- Product Profile: webMathematica, by Tom Wickham-Jones (158 KB)

Text sections of the Journal (letters, news, etc.) are not included in the download.

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